Sportie is a fantastic alternative to the Sportdevil addon on KODI. It brings s very simplified menu with all the major Sports Channels from all over the world: USA, UK, Canada, Asia, etc.

Also it covers with a very simplistic way the day’s events and games, populating a list with the channels streams that have this event.

You can install the amazing SPORTIE addon for KODI from Read more


The Boom Shakalaka KODI Krypton Build and the Boom Shakalaka XXX KODI Krypton Build have been updated to version 2.5. The best build on KODI 17 Krypton had some minor fixes, updates and new additions! Also some addons do not take part of the build anymore.

More precisely the changelog is: Read more

KODI 17 Beta 7(!) is out just before Christmas, Yeah!!! That means KODI 17 Final is close, right!!? No! Now we will start with a new series of RC aka Release Candidate Versions flooding around. Let’s hope that the RC versions will be less than those of the Beta which were honestly a lot!

KODI Krypton 17 beta 7

The latest Beta promises a lot of the major bugfixes so at least on the aesthetics you will not notice anything new other than some minor changes on the two new skins (including the greenish color to blue-ish), the Estouary and the Estouchy skins. Both skins are a bold move by the KODI team, redesigning the whole UI conception we were used since XBMC. Now the new skin is more touch friendly and also has the flat look that is so popular lately.

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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, the latest member of the Redmi Note family is now available with a coupon discount. By using the coupon NOTE4XIAMI during checkout, the price drops to $176.99 / €160.30 / £141.89  making it the lowest price online! Keep in  mind we are talking about the top version with 3GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The offer is available only for the Silver colored version. Read more


You can get he Xiaomi MI Android 6 TV Box (Official International Version) for just $78.89 / €71.45 / £63.25  by using the coupon MIBOXGB after you add it in the cart! Undoubtedly is one of the best Android TV you can get for the money. It is a fully compatible Android TV media center and comes with a unique, small in size design and what you do not always find around, an excellent remote control. Of course the design similarities with the Apple TV, the Amazon Fire TV and the NVIDIA Shield TV can not pass unnoticed but that is exactly the selling point of the device. A competitor to those streaming devices, with no restrictions and with an intriguing to say the least selling price! Read more

The Sunvell T95Z Plus is the flaghship Android TV Box from Sunvell and one of the newest models for 2016 that supports 4K at 60FPS and 10bit HDR. You can now get it on a flash sale for just $59.99 / €54.33/£48.09 and free world wide shipping included for the next 4 days! Very interesting the aesthetics of this box; the mate finished box has a unique design in shape of a six-sided polygon, also known as hexagon, with a honeycomb texture on the top. One the front side of the polygon we have the LCD display with clock and the main operations of the box (play, pause, boot, etc) and on the exact opposite side the DC in, the HDMI 2.0a port and the AV port just in case you have an older TV or a projector. On the other two rear sides we also find the 2 X USB 2.0, the Ethernet 10/100M port, the optical output and the SD card slot. Read more

HO-HO-HO ladies & gentlemen! I am Santa and I just brought the latest update of the Boom Shakalaka KODI Build. Since Dimitorlogy is pretty much occupied at the moment, I thought I should deliver!

This is the version 4.5 and is for KODI 16/16.1 and SPMC. The KODI 17 Krypton is coming soon too!

As always the best of KODI official and 3rd party addons are included inside the build for the maximum KODI entertaining experience!

You can install the Boom Shakalaka Wizard / KODI Build from the Dimitrology URL:
OR from Echo Wizard, under Community Builds-Dimitrology

Build’s size is just 315Mb for the standard version or 338Mb for the XXX version.

Merry Christmas everyone and best of wishes to everyone!

– SANTA Read more

Using a lot of different devices around the house I test a ton of different keyboard & mouse combo. One of my preferred is the E-BLUE K825 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse which has a super low price but it is made of high quality.

I also find it very elegant, the variation I selected is the white/gold:

Even though there is also a black/blue model: Read more

The DROIDBOX T8 MINI is the best performing S905 Android TV Box! It also comes with an amazing Dual Boot Read more

The DROIDBOX T8 MINI is the best performing S905 Android TV Box! It also comes with an amazing Dual Boot option for Android 5.1 or LibreElec. You can select which one you prefer but if you consider buying it only for KODI, boot into LibreElec and the performance will be blazing fast!

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