My personal favorites when it comes to a remote control for any device! Rii (Riitek) is the quality standard that every other manufacture copies but as it often happens, they can not copy the quality and the performance of the original product. Almost any remote control / keyboard / air mouse by Riitek is the top of the line but my absolutely best are the following two devices:

Riii8+Rii i8+

It is a 2.4GHz Wireless Remote, Keyboard and Mouse that comes with a USB dongle and it is compatible with almost any device that has a USB port: HTPC, Smart TV, Desktop PC, Network TV box, Android Box and etc. It also has a very useful back-light keyboard which comes handy when watching a film or in your bedroom. The keyboard function is the top of the category, very useful the play/pause and other multimedia dedicated buttons (fully compatible with KODI, SPMC) and also the touch mouse is an excellent, big plus when you need a mouse in order to complete tasks! It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and in different colors. The Rii i8+ is now on SALE for just $13.83 / €12.22 / £10.67 on GearBest which is the best price online and with & Free Worldwide Shipping!!

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Riii7Rii i7

If on the other hand you don’t need a keyboard but you need an Air Mouse, those with the gyroscope, the Rii i7 is the perfect product for you. It works brilliantly well on KODI and other Media players, Smart TV, Android Box, PC, etc. The main advantage is it’s simplicity. You just plug the 2.4GHz Wireless USB dongle and you are ready to go. By moving the remote you will also notice the cursor on the screen that follows your movement. Just after some seconds you get so familiar with it that you can not do without it! With the dedicated buttons other than the left/right mouse you have also power, volume controls, page up & down, menu, back and home. It comes with two triple AAA batteries and it has an auto shutdown option after 3 minutes of inactivity. The Rii i7 is also on SALE with the lowest online price $11.04 / €9.76 / £8.52 on GearBest and with & Free Worldwide Shipping!!

Rii i7:

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  1. Janne Kotiranta
    Janne Kotiranta says:

    Does the Android dedicated buttons really work? I have 4 air mouses (one of them Rii i13). All of those are sold as Android air mouse. None of them has all working buttons with Android!


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