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NVIDIA Shield TV Update: More 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos and Plex Server in the new firmware!

benefits-of-4kGreat news in the streaming community, the NVIDIA Shield TV will get the new 3.2 firmware update in the next days with new, exciting features! More 4K content with new & old apps for the best 4K streaming device. Netflix will be getting also 4K HDR support (starting with the new Marco Polo TV Show), Youtube an exceptional 4K resolution at 60 FPS and both apps will support in-app voice search! But 4K HDR is also making it’s way into gaming; the first game with HDR on the Shield TV will be Paragon.

In the audio department the Shield TV was also already ahead of every competitor. Now things get even better since the new firmware will introduce the Dolby Atmos Pass-Through (TrueHD+Atmos) that already is being supported on KODI, SPMC, MX Player and soon on Plex as well!

Also, we have an important CEC update that was missing, the CEC TV-off support. When CEC is enabled on the device and your TV supports it, the TV is automatically powered on when you wake your Shield and now also powered off.

SHIELD-Powerful_Media_Server-1920x1080Lastly, what came as a big surprise is the new Plex Media Server integration into the NVIDIA Shield TV PRO (that’s the 500GB version). In other words, your Shield TV PRO can be transformed into your next standalone Plex Media Server! The Shield with it’s phenomenal NVIDIA Tegra® X1 can now host the Plex Server so no NAS (Networked Attached Storage) or remote server is needed. Also, HD capable NAS are really expensive (yeah, really!) the Shield TV Plex Server on the other hand will be able to support hardware-accelerated video transcoding (H.264, MPEG2 and HEVC) and with multiple, simultaneous streams! You can even watch a 4K stream or play a game on your Shield while someone else on your network on the same exact time watches a movie from the Plex Server of the Shield on a mobile device, computer or even TV! Crazy, no? No, it’s NVIDIA!

ShieldTV PRO NASBut what if you already have a NAS device? No worries, you can still connect it to your Shield and use the power of the device in order to transcode your streams. You can extend your library even more, simply by connecting a usb external disk drive and the Shield has USB 3.0, remember? Those are features that we saw until today only on PC setup. Pretty amazing…

If after reading everything, you want to know more about this amazing device, feel free to revisit my review on it: Review of the NVIDIA Shield TV by Dimitrology.

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How to install Adrian Sports addon on KODI / SPMC – back working again! 2016

adriansportsAfter going on strike in support of the 3rd party KODI developers also Adrian Sports addon is now back online. Adrian Sports has a very nice sports section with live sports tv channels (UK, USA, World) as well as the BLP (PLP) live matches. Excellent source for your Premier League Football (soccer) dose!

You can find the addon in the Adrian Sports Repository and in order to get it, add the URL into File Manager. Then install the repository (add as zip) and from the same screen, select the AdrianSports Repository, go into Video Addons and select the AdrianSports addon. As easy as that!

There is no video tutorial on my Youtube Channel for this addon as requested by the developer.

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Dimitrology Source Announced! Home of orphan add-ons.

With a no way ambition to compete against any source in the KODI community but just the urge to host some “orphan” add-ons, I created a personal source from which some of the users may benefit.

The url of the Dimitrology Source (it’s not really a repo) is: and for the present time you will only find some addons that have no Repo nor Source, in order to be added by some users that find it difficult to download files outside KODI.

Among the add-ons there is also an alpha release of my Youtube Channel Dimitrology, but please be gentle. It’s just a pre-release!

There is no Dimitrology repository for now and even though the add-ons are not available on other repositories, I will try to keep it this way so we will not have double entries and mixed-ups with other sources.

Also whoever needs his addon to be hosted, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you and I hope it will be of use!


SchismTV now has his own server/wizard, where to find it and install the Schism TV Builds

SchismTV Elite WizardSchismTV Builds can no longer be found on the ARES Wizard. Due to other builders copying and pasting his builds, he decided to go private, that means in a new server, repository and own website where you can still download your preferred build: Alaska, Atlantis, Origins, Moonshine, Family TV, Serenity.

All you have to do is create an account, free account let’s be clear, by using your email and a username and then you can install the SchismTV Elite Wizard which will allow you to download whichever build you prefer!

He also created a very nice forum so he can provide support directly on each Build. The forum has also other sections like addons, skins for personal use and some other interesting sections like devices and so on.

The new wizard is using username & password but the account is free and the process very easy to signup! It’s just a matter of seconds. In the forum you can also find a video guide which can guide you through the process. is preparing a video review of the new procedure as well. Stay tuned for more awesomeness!!!

The SchisM-TV URL is

The beast website/repo got hacked, new website and repo from ChrisB

How To Install The Beast without PIN code, Version 1.6 2016 Update by ChrisB!ChrisB website, the creator of the Beast KODI Builds, has been hacked and that means that also the Repository was offline too. If you try to enter to the official website, a redirect script takes you to an adult website. That’s ok if that’s what you want but in case you are still looking for the official repository and ARES Wizard isn’t working for you (which may happen on weekends sometimes), he created a new website.

The new url is and if you want the repository then enter I personally still recommend using ARES Wizard thought because it’s the only method with which you need no PIN code and registration in order to install / run the build.

For more on installing the Beast Build on KODI without PIN and now also the Beast Encore, click here: .

Where to watch the Anthony Joshua vs Charles Martin fight?

Anthony Joshua vs Charles Martin


Anthony Joshua hopes to become world heavyweight champion this weekend, when he takes on Charles Martin for the IBF crown this weekend, in just the 16th fight of his professional career.

In just the 16th bout of his professional career, the British Olympian is facing off against Martin as he looks to continue his run of impressive performances in the ring.

Joshua has a 100 per cent knockout percentage so far and he is widely expected to keep that record in tact before he goes on to bigger and better things – with a Battle of Britain against Tyson Fury or David Haye already mooted. But Martin is also undefeated and will provide the biggest test of Joshua’s career so far.

So how can you watch the biggest fight of Joshua’s career be getting underway? As requested, the big boxing event of tonight will be available on the following add-ons:

  • NJM Soccer

  • Awesome Streams

  • Vader Streams

  • Sports Devil 

  • UK Turk

  • Vidtime

  • Live Mix

  • Phoenix

  • ZemTV (Sports, Mona)

  • MoneySports

  • cCloud

  • Navi X

  • Sport Mix

  • Halow

  • Project Cypher

  • Castaway

* does not host, run or control any addons nor it provides stream content. Provides only information that is freely available on internet and using the addons should be on your own discretion.

Genesis add-on update: discontinued. The alternatives!

Bad news as expected about the best add-on ever made for KODI. TVAddons from their official Twitter account announced that support for Lambda’s Genesis add-on has officially ended due to box sellers, build makers and hooligans on YouTube who profit off of the add-on for their gain!



Genesis is still working for some people, especially if you have a Real Debrid account but if you are not and experiencing problems, there is nothing that you can do. And to make things even worse, Real Debrid has implemented a new API and from the next days is unknown if it will be still working with Genesis.

You can though try some other great alternatives to Genesis:

For further info about the future of Genesis you can visit the official support topic at the  TVADDONS website.

Also you might want to check the:


Genesis is not dead, Lambda will be making a huge comeback

A lot of rumors lately about Genesis, the most complete video add-on for KODI / XBMC that is also the most popular among KODI users. The rumors that Lambda, the developer of Genesis, will not update anymore his add-on became so adopted by the KODI Community that even many of the latest KODI Builds had Genesis removed!

The truth is that Genesis is still working, has not been updated though for a while and that causes some errors or problems with the latest movies specially and some hosts are not working ideally. It is still a better add-on though than many other out there and that’s why a lot of users keep using it as their main add-on.

Great news from, the official home of Genesis from which on the latest newsletter I received was the following text that I quote:

3) Genesis Updates
It’s not updated yet, but we’ve now received confirmation from the lambda, the developer of Genesis, that the add-on will be making a huge comeback, however no timeline was given.

So Lambda  not only will continue working on it but he is coming back with a huge update! So stay tuned and don’t remove Genesis!

In the mean time if you have problems using Genesis try this guide that will help you use Genesis like a boss, or if you still have not installed Genesis check out this video on how to get it!

Up and running!

This is the first -historical- post in this new space. After hundreds of thousands of millions (…) of demands, I decided to make my own web space so we can interact in yet another form! Cause you know, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ are not enough :p

Please leave comments, ideas, feedback about this website but also on stuff you wish, liked or even hated that I review! Keep in mind thought that this site is using cookies and I can find you (not really…).

Either way, this is the end of the first, historical, post.

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