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Accutension Stetho – Calibrator for Blood Pressure Monitors – work with Omron 10, Evolv, 7, 5 and 3 Series UPPER arm blood pressure monitors – Only Apple Devices – Hearing is believing!

Price: $29.00

Accutension Stetho is the first calibrator for home blood pressure monitors (BPMs). Home BPMs normally use the manufacturers’ secret algorithms (calculation methods) to guestimate blood pressures and the algorithms are inaccurate on many users (people who are measured) and people complain the inaccuracy in most critical reviews on Amazon. A recent research reported by Harvard Health (here is the link: pointed out up to 15% home BPM users could get inaccuracy higher than 10mmHg, affecting hypertension diagnosis and treatment. With the algorithm accuracy checked, you will have higher confidence on the blood pressure monitors.Automated blood pressure monitors (BPMs) are inaccurate on many users according to Harvard Health Publications
American Heart Association recommends validation of the BPMs on every user
Validate your BPM against the auscultatory blood pressure, the gold standard
Accuracy matters. Accutension Stetho makes accuracy audible and visible!
Only support Apple devices: iPhone 5,5C,5S,6,6S,SE,7; iPad Mini 1,2,3,4; iPad 4,5,6; iPad Air; iPad Pro; iPod Touch5,6. Visit to learn more.

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